Gems In The Bible ~ The High Priest’s Breastplate


breastplate gems

   Gemstones and crystals inspire many people with their beauty. But the power and symbolism of these sacred stones goes beyond simple inspiration. Since crystal stones store energy inside their molecules, some people use them as tools to better connect with spiritual energy – such as angels – while praying. In the Book of Exodus, the Bible describes how God himself instructed man to make a breastplate with 12 different gemstones for a high priest to use in prayer.

   God gave Moses detailed instructions for how to build everything that the High Priest Aaron would use when approaching the physical manifestation of God’s glory on Earth – to offer people’s prayers to God. This included details about how to build an elaborate tabernacle, as well as the priest’s clothing. The prophet Moses passed this information along to the Hebrew people, who put their individual skills to work carefully making the materials as their offerings to God.



   The Book of Exodus records that God instructed the people to use onyx stones inside the tabernacle and on a garment called an ephod – the vest that the priest would wear underneath the breastplate. Then it presents the details of the 12 stones for the famous breastplate.

   While the list of stones isn’t completely clear due to differences in translations over the years, a common modern translation reads: “They fashioned the breastplate – the work of a skilled craftsman. They made it like the ephod: of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen. It was square – a span long and a span wide – and folded double. Then they mounted four rows of precious stones on it. The first row was ruby, chrysolite and beryl; the second row was turquoise, sapphire and emerald; the third row was jacinth, agate and amethyst; the fourth row was topaz, onyx and jasper. They were mounted in gold filigree settings. There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.”  (Exodus 39:8-14).



   The 12 stones symbolize God’s family and His leadership as a loving father. The number twelve often indicates governmental perfection, or complete divine governance. We can conclude that the breastplate of twelve stones symbolizes the complete family of God – a spiritual Israel of all who have been born from above. The twelve names engraved upon the onyx stones were also engraved upon the stones of the breastplate. Surely this portrays a spiritual burden upon both the shoulders and the heart – a sincere care and love for humanity. Consider that the number twelve points to the ultimate good news destined for all nations of mankind.



   God gave the gemstone breastplate to the high priest, Aaron, to help him spiritually discern answers to the people’s questions that he asked God while praying in the tabernacle. Exodus 28:30 mentions mystical objects called “Urim and Thummim” (which mean “lights and perfections”) that God instructed the Hebrew people to include in the breastplate: “Also put the Urim and the Thummim in the breastplate, so they may be over Aaron’s heart whenever he enters the presence of the Lord. Thus Aaron will always bear the means of making decisions for the Israelites over his heart before the Lord.”

   The “Urim and Thummim” were intended as a means of divine guidance for Israel. They involved gems or stones that were either attached to or carried inside the breastplate worn by the high priest when he consulted with God. For this reason, the breastplate is often called the breastplate of judgment or decision. However, while we know that this decision-making system existed, no one knows for sure how it worked. Thus, there is a great deal of speculation about the how the “Urim and Thummim” delivered a verdict. However, it is easy to see that in the days before much of the scriptures were written or collected, there was a need for some kind of divine guidance. Today, of course, we have God’s complete written revelation, and therefore have no need of devices such as the “Urim and Thummim.”


   Interestingly, the gemstones listed as part of the priest’s breastplate are similar to the 12 stones that the Bible describes in the Book of Revelation as comprising the 12 gates to the wall of the holy city that God will create at the end of the world, when God makes a “new heaven” and a “new earth.” And, because of the translation challenges of precisely identifying the breastplate stones, the list of stones may be entirely the same.

   Just like each stone in the breastplate is inscribed with the names of ancient Israel’s 12 tribes, the gates of the city walls are inscribed with those same names of Israel’s 12 tribes. Revelation chapter 21 describes an angel giving a tour of the city, and verse 12 says: “It had a great, high wall with twelve gates, and with twelve angels at the gates. On the gates were written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel.”

   The city wall’s 12 foundations “were decorated with every kind of precious stone,” verse 19 says, and those foundations were also inscribed with 12 names: the names of Jesus Christ’s 12 apostles. Verse 14 says, “The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.”

   Verses 19 and 20 list the stones that make up the city’s wall: “The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, the fifth onyx, the sixth ruby, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth turquoise, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst.”


Healing With Gemstones ~ Laying On Of Stones



Laying on of stones.

   The technique of using crystals and gemstones on the receiver’s body for healing is called laying on of stones. It is a powerful method of cleansing negative energy, clearing and balancing the chakras, effecting emotional release, and bringing light and healing into all the aura bodies. Cleared, programmed, and dedicated stones move the receiver’s vibration into alignment with the planet and the universal grid. This results in a freeing of life force energy in the chakras and aura, a healing of the Body of Light, and a transformation of negative or disease into health.


laying on of stones

Healing stones.

   The process may be done with clear quartz crystals only, colored gemstones only, or a combination of both. The stones may be used alone or with a hands on healing. The stones are placed upon the receiver’s body from feet to head. The healer then begins using their hands as usual starting at the head and moving toward the feet. (Use gemstones with colors matching each chakra’s color. The stones can be in any form-faceted, raw gemstones, tumbled stones, crystal eggs or crystal beads.) Energy in this type of healing needs to move in one direction through the body, either Earth to sky or sky to Earth. If the energy is Earth to sky, all the gemstones that have points are placed with the points turned towards the receiver¹s crown. The effect of this direction is to move the receiver’s energy to a higher vibration or more spiritual level. If the direction is from sky to Earth, it is the opposite, with the crystals pointing toward the feet. This direction moves life force energy from crown to feet for grounding and rooting into Earth.

   To begin, the receiver lies on their back on a padded floor or massage table, with pillows under her head and knees for comfort. The space should be quiet, comfortable, and warm. Use only stones that have been dedicated to positive energy and programmed for healing. Invite spirit guides and angels into the session if you wish.

   Start by placing a clear quartz crystal above their head and below their feet. In the right hand place another crystal and in the left hand place a rose quartz gemstone. Then go chakra by chakra, moving from the feet to crown and placing the appropriate colored gemstone for each center. (Be sure you have your healing stones spread out where you can reach them easily.) There may be stones that you are drawn to for a particular reason, let yourself be guided, there are no real rules. You cannot do it wrong. A stone that is not needed for the session or is inappropriate for the receiver’s energy will roll right off or roll to another place where it is better utilized. Allow this to occur. If the receiver feels uncomfortable with a particular stone, remove it, the energy is not right for her needs.

laying on of stones 2

Directing energy flow with quartz crystal point.

   When the stones are all in place, the healer has two options. They can go to the head and begin a hands-on healing. Be sure to cover the stones with your hands carefully in order not to scatter the gemstones. While their hands are covering each chakra over the stone, they should visualize the bright color of the gemstone entering the chakra, making it appear bright, balanced, centered, and healthy. This visualization should be done until they feel confident to move to the next chakra. They should be sure to flick fingers to release any negative energy before going to the next center and end with a complete brushing of the aura.

   The other option the healer has once the stones are placed is to sit beside the receiver and simply wait, allowing the gemstones and spirit guides to do the healing. As the receiver¹s chakras and aura absorb and are balanced by the crystal and gem energies, the stones begin to roll off one by one. When all the stones are off, or the receiver feels finished with those that remain, the healing is over.

   End with a complete brushing of the aura and allow the receiver to lie quietly without the stones. Ask for feedback and discuss anything that you feel should be discussed. While they are doing this, the healer can gather up the stones from the table or floor and clear them again before putting them away.

   A laying on of stones healing can be quite intense. There is often a major energy shift during this type of healing. More frequent emotional releases, past life and this life trauma openings and other transformative events. The healers role in this is to wait for the release to end and to be entirely non-judgmental. After a session, there may also be a physical detoxification process that can continue for up to a week. Be aware of what is happening and again, allow it. The changes are always positive and are usually gentle.

Gemstone And Crystal Attraction


crystals and gemstones 2

What Does It Mean When You Are Attracted To A Particular Gemstone or Crystal?

   Ever wonder why you are attracted to a particular stone and not another? Being attracted to gemstones and crystals is not all that different from being drawn to certain people who have formed our friendships and relationships. You will feel a magnetic pull or strong desire to touch or pick up a gemstone when you see it. Keep in mind that a stone you are drawn to may not necessarily be shiny or pretty. Although a stone may look very plain it will not go unnoticed. Rather than its outward appearance it will be the vibration, the crystal healing properties  within the stone,  that will compel you to touch it. Being attracted to gemstones and crystals will happen more and more as you learn to be open to receiving its vibrational healing energies.


Gifting Someone With A Gemstone Or Crystal For Healing

   You may also feel a strong impulse to gift someone with a specific gemstone. Nature will manage to deliver the right stone that is needed to heal or support you or someone else you know in creative ways. For example, after picking up a stone that caught your attention, it won’t be until you handle it that your friend might enter your thoughts. You will intuitively know that this stone wants to belong to them. As if by magic you have been recruited to deliver the healing energies that will help them. How cool is that? You don’t even have to tell them that you are delivering a healing to her. Simply tell them that the stone made you think of them and you would like them to have it. It is the truth after all.


Sensitivity To A Gemstone Or Crystal’s Energies

   Discovering what a stone’s talent or purpose is can often be realized by simply holding it and feeling its energies. Sensitivity to energies or vibrations can vary from person to person. But, all you have to really know is that if a stone feels right when you handle it, grasp it tightly and take it home with you. If it feels icky or flat, leave it behind, for it is not for you. It is likely meant for someone else who you don’t know.


What To Do If You Can’t Afford The Gemstone Or Crystal

   If you have found a gemstone for sale in a store that feels right and yet you realize that you cannot afford it, well then you will have no choice but to leave it behind. You may not be able to keep it but the stone itself will not be stingy with its healing properties. If it is locked in a display case, tell the sales person that you would like to inspect the stone. Handling the stone is perhaps all you need to do. The stone will likely transfer a vibrational healing to you while you are handling it.


No Worries!

   Don’t sweat it if you cannot keep a particular stone. It has often been said that a stone can never be owned, that we are merely caregivers of stones. A stone will clear a pathway to make its way to you if it is truly meant for you. Because many stones carry similar energies, you can try to raise or lower your personal vibration to match the energy you felt when you held that elusive stone that you had to go home without. You can do this during your meditation practice or quiet time. Mimicking the vibration will help another appropriate stone to find its way to you. Happy rock collecting!

How To Program Or Charge Your Gemstones And Crystals

programming gemstone 2


   After you choose and clear your gemstones and crystals, it is a good idea to dedicate it or program it. The purpose of programming a crystal or gemstone is to focus its abilities on something you specifically need, thereby magnifying the stone’s intent through your own. Dedicating the stone to a high level healing energy, God or Goddess protects it from negative energy. A gemstone or crystal that is programmed and dedicated in this way becomes much more powerful and useful as a tool. This is a very simple process.



  Hold the crystal or gemstone in your hand and sense its energy. With the stone being newly cleared, the energy will feel stronger and even more appealing that before. As you sense this energy and appreciate it, ask quietly to be connected to the deva of the crystal or gemstone. Though not animate, stones are living things and the deva of the piece is the stone’s life-force energy. Once you feel you have sensed what you can from the energy, think of what you will be using the stone for. Think of these uses, then quietly ask the gemstone if it is willing to act in the way you wish. The crystals energy may increase with a yes or seem to disappear with a no. If the stone accepts your intent, state in your mind that it is so.


   Once a stone is programmed, it will hold its intent until you or someone else reprograms it. To prevent any negative energy from attaching itself to your crystal you may wish to dedicate it.

  • Hold the crystal or gemstone in your hand and state clearly in your mind: “Only the most positive high-level energy may work through this healing tool.”
  • Focus on your intent for awhile, then end your sensing or meditation with “SO BE IT.”
  • The stone is now dedicated.

    You may also choose to dedicate your gemstone or crystal to a specific healing energy, for example, to a God or Goddess of healing.

Cleansing And Clearing Gemstones And Crystals

cleansing gemstones


   It is important to clean any new gemstones that come your way to clear them of any energies that they may have picked up during their previous journeys. Clearing is necessary before using any stone for healing. The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more powerful it is. Crystals and healing gemstones need to be cleared as soon as they are purchased as well as clearing after every healing. A cleared, ready crystal feels positive and bright, tingly and cold to the touch. A crystal that needs clearing may feel hot, heavy or drained.

   There are a number of ways to effectively clear crystals and gemstones. Choosing the best cleaning method depends on the type of stone you are wanting to clean.


   An hour in direct sunlight is more than enough to clean most stones. However, many stones tend to fade their colors in the sun. Amethyst is one example, so keep them out of direct sunlight if you want them to retain their vibrant purple hues. Also internal fractures may cause your stone to crack or break if placed in the sun.


   Moonlight is another way of clearing your gemstones. Simply place outside from the Full to the New Moon. Waning Moons are good times to clear crystals, to dispel old energies, but any time works. The amount of time used varies with the sensitivity of the healer and the amount of material from which the stone needs cleansing. Try hanging your gemstone necklaces in a tree where the moonlight can cleanse them.


  Sea salt is the most traditional purifying agent in psychic work and healing. It dispels any sort of dis-ease and negativity, and is a physical and psychic disinfectant. I feel it is the most accepted and probably the most powerful method of clearing crystals and stones. I highly recommend it for the initial cleansing of a new healing stone and for any time a stone is overloaded with negative energy. Salt can be mixed with water or used dry. To use salt water, mix a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass or ceramic cup of cold water. Do not use plastic or metal containers. Place the stones in the solution and allow to soak overnight. To use dry salt, place the sea salt in a glass or non-plastic container and bury the crystals with the points facing downward into the salt. Again, leave overnight. Sometimes a stone may take longer to clear, especially if it has been used in a deep, intense healing. If this is the case, leave another day or two in the sea salt. When clearing gemstone necklaces it is best to use the dry sea salt method. Be sure to use sea salt only, table salt contains aluminum and other chemicals. For those who live by the ocean, salt water can be brought from the beach in a jar, or gently wash them directly in the ocean.


   Burying your crystals in a cupful of dried herbs will also clear it. Suggested herbs for this are rose petals, sage, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood. You can usually find these at low cost at many co-ops or herb stores. This is a gentle way to clear crystals, and a pleasant way, but it does take longer than sea salt.

   Crystals may also be buried into the Earth. This is especially helpful when you feel deep cleansing is needed. Outdoors, simply dig a hole the size of your crystal into the Earth, place your crystal again point down, and cover with soil. The amount of time needed is personal choice.

   A quick way to cleanse your healing stones is to smudge them with burning cedar or sage. Smudging is an excellent way to make sure your stones are purified. Simply hold the burning sage or cedar stick while passing your stone through the smoke. I usually do this a couple times to ensure cleansing. I also like to cleanse my stones by smudging after every healing.

   Finally, if you are in a hurry and feel that your crystal needs to be cleared, you can easily run them under cool tap water. Make sure the points are facing down the drain to run the negative energy right down the sink!!!


Choosing Gemstones And Crystals

gem therapy


   Most people who want to use crystals have a particular purpose in mind. Although some families of minerals are more likely to yield the desired result, not all specimens from the same family have similar properties, whether physical (such as fluorescence) or metaphysical (such as healing). Additionally, not everyone reacts the same way when exposed to a crystal.



   First, let us examine what is the most important criterion when selecting a crystal: vibrational match to your purpose. Everything around us vibrates at a particular frequency. This frequency is related to the movement of the atoms of our physical world and it changes overtime. Even during the course of a day, your own vibrational frequency will vary. As you feel happy, successful and fulfilled, your vibrational frequency is quite high. But when you do your taxes, worry about work, or get into a fight with a loved one, your frequency goes down.



   When you seek the help of a crystal, you are enlisting a powerful ally to “raise” your vibrational frequency. No matter what the crystal is used for, its desired effect is always an increase in your vibrational frequency. We often crave certain crystals because we have a great “vibrational match” with them. This vibrational match means that proximity to this crystal raises our vibrational frequency, thus making us feel “good.”

  Selecting a crystal for a particular purpose is a great way to help yourself without having to devote much energy to it. The proximity of the crystal is constantly affecting your own frequency, guiding you upward toward your goal. Similarly, a crystal that does not have a good match is constantly draining you by lowering your vibrational frequency. Hence, selecting the right crystal is of crucial importance.

   There are many books that describe crystals and their usage, yet most of them disagree on exact properties. This makes perfect sense if you consider that different crystals of the same family have different properties, and also that people will react to them differently. But this does make the selection of the right crystal more challenging, if you don’t know how to proceed.


Here is a simple process to identify which crystal will work best for your specific goal.

  1. Clearly identify your purpose.
  2. Look for a few crystal varieties that seem to support your goal (in a book, online, from a professional, etc.)
  3. Pick a specific specimen that offers vibrational match to your frequency.

   That last part is best accomplished by holding the crystal in your hand or thinking about holding it (if you’re buying online for example) and state your purpose: “I want to lose weight.” Always state the purpose in an affirmative sentence (so don’t say: “I want to stop feeling angry”). Affirmative sentences allow the flow of energy (which is what you want), while negative sentences trigger resistances. Close your eyes while you state your purpose so you can focus inward.

   If you are more in-tuned with your emotions, look for a good feeling (light, tingly, happy, smiling, good memories come to mind, laughing are all good). If you are more in-tuned with your body, you can use muscle testing: balance yourself upright and let your body “hover” and let it fall in the direction it wants. If you fall forward, it means you have a good match. If you fall backwards, you don’t. There are many different ways to use muscle testing for this purpose, this is an easy one.


   Once you have found the crystal, make a conscious decision to let yourself be open to its influence. In order to interact with the physical world, we often need to shutdown our receptivity to outside influences. That can lead to a generalized shutdown where all influences are blocked. You might find yourself inadvertently fighting the crystal’s influence.

    One last thing you can do to facilitate the influence process is to place your crystal close to a small water fountain. Do not place them in the water, as the mineral deposits might damage them. But anywhere near the fountain will do. This allows the very powerful chi of the water to propagate the vibrational frequency of the crystal throughout your house or office.



Top Ten Healing Gemstones And Crystals

top ten


   Gemstones are delightful to give or receive as gifts. They are mother nature’s natural healers. Gifting someone with a crystal is the same as offering a healing. There are literally hundreds of different types of stones to choose from. Listed here are ten popular gemstones that you can’t go wrong with. They each have wonderful healing energies.

rose quartz1. Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz has a gentle energy. It is a heart healer of physical heart ailments as well as emotional heartbreaks. Rose quartz is a timely gift to offer someone who desires to learn self-love.

fluorite2. Fluorite

Fluorite comes in a variety of colors. Fluorite is a beneficial stone to help guard one against picking up negativity or negative energies from those nearby. Basically, the stone absorbs any negativity, keeping it at bay. It is important to cleanse it at least once a week when you are using it as a protective helper.

lapis lazuli3. Lapis Lazuli

Egyptian energy. Lapis Lazuli is a stone that has been said to unlock mysteries as it helps one move through confusion and emotional blocks and dig through fog/muck to the root of problematic issues.

hematite4. Hematite

Hematite is a grounding stone. This silver-gray metallic gemstone is often used as a grounding tool to aid those who tend to avoid worldly tasks/events by out-of-body flight.

jade5. Jade

Jade teaches acceptance. Carries serene and calming energy. It helps a person become less critical of self and others.

amethyst 16. Amethyst

This highly spiritual/healing stone is associated with The Christ Consciousness and the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Amethyst helps one tune into a higher awareness of knowing.

turquoise7. Turquoise

Turquoise is a teaching stone can be used to help one learn spiritual lessons through meditation and/or dream visions. My first turquoise was a stone set in a silver ring my grandmother gave me as a souvenir she picked up for me when she vacationed in Arizona. It’s little wonder that my grandmother has served as one of my spiritual advisors from the other side since her transition from the physical realm.

kyanite8. Kyanite

Kyanite is best worn near the throat chakra. This blue crystal helps facilitate channeling and will open communications centers to enable contact with your guides and angels. Kyanite is probably best known for its balancing properties that align the chakras. There is no need to cleanse this stone, it clears itself automatically of negative energies.

obsidian9. Obsidian

All varieties of obsidian are good utilized as grounding and protective agents – The snowflake in particular helps us surrender or let go of negative habits or past pathways that no longer the present condition. It will bring about opportunity for change, serenity, and clarity.

citrine10. Citrine

Citrine is a wonderful yellow stone. It helps to manifest your goals. Also keeps one cheerful. It attracts abundance and personal power.