Diamond Lore


diamond lore


  • Derived from the Greek word adamas meaning “invincible.”
  • The power, hardness and beauty of diamond have been prized throughout history in many civilizations.
  • The first recorded history of the diamond dates back 3,000 years to India.
  • Believed to be fragments of falling stars.
  • To ancient Greeks, it was thought that diamonds were formed by the tears of the gods.
  • If worn in battle, diamonds were supposed to bring victory to its wearer, giving strength, fortitude and courage.
  • A famous poet remarked, “the rainbow is confined within a diamond forever.”
  • For centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of love, excellence and purity.
  • In the time of the pharaohs, diamonds represented the Sun: symbol of power, courage and truth.
  • Influenced by Venus, the goddess of love, bringing marriage, beauty, love and relationships.
  • Believed to amplify other gemstones mystical powers and healing properties.
  • Generous thoughts, removal of fearful thoughts, and having an attractive personality were believed to be the benefits of wearing diamonds.
  • Inspires creativity, ingenuity and inventiveness.
  • Diamonds have been called the king of all crystals, stones of the mind and gemstones of the masters.
  • The theft of a diamond is said to bring misfortune on any who possess the stone.
  • The rainbow colors of the prism were thought to give one power over the Evil Eye.
  • Alexander the Great discovered the Valley of Diamonds where he had to use mirrors to scare away the snakes that guarded the valley.
  • Said to ward off bad dreams, enabling its wearer to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Warriors in ancient Greece wore diamonds, as the stones were thought to strengthen their muscles and bring them invincibility.
  • Ancient Romans thought that diamonds were parts of the outer rings of stars which had fallen to the earth.
  • Today, diamonds continue to hold a deep fascination as the world’s ultimate symbol of love.
  • The diamond has always been considered a stone of winners, in fact, it was the talisman worn by Julius Caesar.
  • The Renaissance period was the first point in time when diamonds were used as engagement rings, in 1477.
  • Diamond is said to enhance the wearer with charm and beauty.
  • Believed to possess supernatural powers, it is said that a diamonds hardiness can only be broken by smearing it with fresh goat’s blood.
  • Supposedly able to signify a person’s honesty, if the person lied the diamond would grow dim.
  • Ancient writings tell of Abraham who wore a diamond around his neck which cured the illness of anyone who gazed upon it.
  • The diamond engagement ring remains the accepted token of promised love and loyalty.
  • Physically, diamonds strengthens the kidneys and reproductive organs, and gives protection against severe disease.
  • The diamond is believed to bring couples closer to one another.
  • Diamonds foster unity, trust and fidelity.
  • Was once used to detect and detoxify poison.
  • Believed that when worn on the left side of the body, next to the skin, a diamond bestowed bravery upon the wearer.
  • To dream of a diamond, it was believed to be a sure sign of coming success, wealth and happiness.
  • A diamond purchased out of greed will not bring good luck to the wearer.
  • Today, the primary use of diamonds is no longer for carving or protection, they are now used for adornment because of their sheer beauty.

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