Sardonyx Lore


sardonyx lore


  • Birthstone for August.
  • Gemstone for the Zodiac sign of Leo.
  • Name is a combination of sard (reddish-brown) and onyx (veined gem) because it shows the colors of both gems.
  • Roman soldiers wore or carried sardonyx talismans engraved with heroes or gods, such as Hercules or Mars (God of war), because they believed the talismans brought the wearer the same attributes of courage and daring, as the carved figures supposedly.
  • In medieval Europe, sardonyx represented spiritual strength joined with humility.
  • The Romans believed that wearing sardonyx would bring them courage, honor, success and wealth.
  • Sardonyx was also believed to provide self-control, protect against various infections and even ensure a happy marriage.
  • Egyptians believed that sardonyx brought good luck and wore them as talismans.
  • Sardonyx is believed to give its wearer honor, financial rewards and success.
  • The ancients believed that sardonyx had the ability to preserve its wearer from infectious complaints and the bites of venomous creatures, particularly from the sting of a scorpion.
  • Sardonyx, at one time was more precious than sapphire, silver or even gold.
  • It was believed that if hung around the neck, sardonyx would allay pain, attract friends and ensure success in legal matters.
  • In Renaissance Europe, wearing a sardonyx stone was believed to bestow eloquence on speakers.
  • Sardonyx is one of the twelve gemstones on the high priest Aaron’s holy breastplate.
  • In ancient Egypt, sardonyx was the “every man’s stone,” accessible to most people, it was the stone a common man fell in love with.
  • Sardonyx is one of the twelve foundation stones used in the wall of the new Jerusalem.
  • According to gem lore, orange sardonyx stimulates, black sardonyx absorbs negative energies and green sardonyx purifies.
  • Sardonyx promotes harmony in marriages and partnerships.
  • This gem is believed to strengthen the bond between partners of any kind.
  • Sardonyx is said to enable one overcome hesitancy and clarify the path to honorable actions. 
  • Believed to help in the development of one’s “true” character and promote integrity.
  • Sardonyx is a stone of protection, it is believed to protect its owner from crime.
  • Believed to give motivation and focused thinking, as it assists in the search for a meaningful life and virtuosity.
  • This gem is believed to give vigor, stamina and will power.
  • Sardonyx is said to stop hesitation and allow one to propel forward with clearer thinking.
  • It is said that sardonyx helps one to utilize all the senses, as well as sensory perception.
  • Believed to have the ability to restrain one from self-indulgences.
  • One of the most famous sardonyx stones was set in a gold ring, carved with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England.
  • Sardonyx was long believed to protect against spells, evil, and wicked incantations.
  • It is believed that if sardonyx is worn against the skin or put in the mouth for awhile it will energize all five senses and sharpen intellect.
  • In Christian mystical lore, sardonyx is a gem of humility; other writers consider it a stone that promotes righteous aggression.
  • Church lore has sometimes cast the sardonyx into the role of a stone representing honesty.
  • Sardonyx is said to cleanse the immune system and absorb nutrients in the intestines.
  • It is believed to alleviate pain in the spine and lower back, ease menstrual cramps and is an all-purpose body cleanser, ridding the body of impurities.
  • When worn or place near the heart, sardonyx is said to alleviate depression.

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